Choose Forestry

Choose Forestry

Is a Career in Forestry for you?

Do you?

  • Like working outside...
  • Spending time in the forest...
  • Interested in science...
  • Concerned for wildlife...
  • Like watching things grow...
  • Care about the environment...
  • Enjoy working alone and as a part of a team...

A career in Forest Management may be for you!

Forestry is a science that involves managing forest resources in an increasingly complex world. Forestry is also the profession that must answer that challenge. It therefore requires extensive education and training in science and liberal arts. Thus a forester is a person educated in the science and art of forestry and engaged in forestry work.

If you want to learn more about the skills and knowledge that a graduate forester will obtain, check out the link to the "Certification Standards for the Profession of Forestry in Canada" at Certification Standard V5.4

Some Forestry programs in the Maritimes:

University of New Brunswick – Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management

Maritime College of Forest Technology


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