Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

image001While membership is not restricted to only those who have graduated from a Bachelor of Science Program in Forestry; all members must demonstrate that they have obtained the equivalent qualifications. These have been identified nationally as the "Certification Standards for the Practice of Professional Forestry in Canada". (see This will ensure that they have received both theoretical and practical training in all subjects, which should be considered when management recommendations are being made for a parcel of forested land.

Effective, April 1, 2011, all applicants who have not graduated from a Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board, accredited forestry program, will have their qualifications assessed based on the new Certification Standards. A copy of the Applicants Manual for this assessment process may be found on line at:

Following a review of the applicants qualifications by the Registrar, a membership category will be established for the applicant; and a tentative time frame for completing the Jurisprudence exam will be proposed. Legislation relevant to the exam will be available on the website.


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