Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

A Strategic Direction for theRegistered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia - 2010-2014

Mission Statement: to ensure that the people of Nova Scotia receive high quality management of their natural resources by Members of the Association for the benefit of current and future generations.

Strategic Plan

1.0) Objective

The objective of this plan is to provide strategic direction to facilitate the advancement of the objectives of the Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia (RPFANS) and through this the delivery of its mission statement.

Objectives of the Association

1. As stated in the Foresters Association Act, Chapter 6, 1999, the objectives of the Association are to:

  • establish and maintain high standards of professional ethics and excellence for members in the practice of professional forestry;
  • assure the general public of the knowledge, skill, proficiency and competency in the practice of professional forestry of professional foresters who are members;
  • promote and improve the knowledge, skill, proficiency and competency in all matters relating to the practice of professional forestry of professional foresters who are members and:
  • do all such matters and things as will advance the interests of professional foresters in the practice of professional forestry.

2. Ensure that the public receive forest management advice that is based on local forest conditions and a comprehensive knowledge of the science related to the management of all the resources found in the forest; and

3. Ensure that members continue to further their level of education to the forest and its’ dynamics, throughout their careers.

2.0) Sustainability

In order to ensure the relevance of the strategic plan, the RPF Council (RPFC) will be responsible to complete a review of the strategic plan and revise it as necessary every four years. The strategic plan must be ratified at the annual general meeting of the association at the beginning of each four year period.

3.0) Implementation & Infrastructure

The Council will be responsible to ensure the execution of the strategic plan on behalf of and in conjunction with the general membership of RPFANS. Towards this end, the Council will establish infrastructure as required within the RPFANS to deal with Membership Development, Ethics, Policy, Continuing Education and Regional Contact. The Council will be responsible to provide a report to each annual meeting on the progress achieved against the strategic plan in a given year.

4.0) Strategic Focus:

The primary focus for the 2010-2014 strategic plan will be the promotion & development of the RPFANS. To this end, activities in support of both short term (1-4 yr) and long term (+4 years) goals will be pursued under this plan.

Long Term Strategic Goals
  • Right to practice legislation
  •  Exploration of the advantages of the expansion of RPF membership to other groups
  • Reversing declining enrollment in professional forestry schools
Short Term Strategic Goals:

Internal Communication (within RPFANS)

  1. To maintain an Internal Communications system that will focus on:
    • Fostering member awareness of and need for involvement in Association committees/activities
    • Providing information on upcoming forestry events
    • Promoting continuing education for members
    • Highlighting issues relating to professionalism and ethics
  2. Utilize the following forms of media to communicate within RPFANS:
    • E-mail to obtain immediate actions or responses
    • A semi-annual newsletter will be developed and distributed to facilitate a sense of attachment to the Association by members.
    • A semi-annual message from the President will be prepared and distributed,
    • A list of RPFANS Members including their membership category will be published at least once per year.
    • Continuing forestry Education (CFE) opportunities will be communicated on an ongoing basis

External Communications (outside the RPFANS):

  1. To maintain an External communications system that will focus on:
    • Promoting the mission and objectives
    • Facts about the association and the membership
    • Special recognitions
    • Annually advising the public of members in good standing with RPFANS
  2. Utilize the following forms of media to communicate externally;
    • Exhibits at booths at various events
    • Professionally developed media ads for use in various print and radio outlets.
    • RPFANS web site
    • RPFANS Sponsorship at selected events

Membership Development

  1. To increase Memberships by:
    • Monitor membership trends
    • Involve Members in Association activities e.g. committees
    • Continue regular contact with employers of potential members.
    • Follow-up with ex-members to encourage them to rejoin.
    • Work proactively with the national Association initiative to explore the feasibility of opening provincial professional forester associations to other forest related professionals
  2. To develop Membership by:
    • Review membership numbers routinely
    • Contact all major forestry employers annually
    • Contact all members who are in jeopardy of or who have lapsed their membership to encourage them to maintain or renew their membership
    • Develop a network of Regional contacts among the general membership
    • Identify and encourage eligible non-members to join
    • Continue to participate in the ongoing national Inclusivity initiative

Continuing Forest Education (CFE)

  1. Develop a Continuing education program that will focus on:
    • Increasing the CFE opportunities for the membership
    • Monitoring and encouraging the uptake of CFE by the membership
  2. The development of a continued education program will be achieved by:
    • Promoting a continuing understanding of ethics
    • Host, or jointly host, a minimum of 2 CFE credit events per year
    • Provide opportunities for members to earn CFE credits by presenting papers, seminars, workshops, etc. to the membership and/or public
    • Monitor and communicate CFE requirements and timelines as they pertain to RPF membership obligations

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