Membership Dues

Membership Dues

The following are the Membership Dues for the 2018 calendar year.

Membership Category 2017 RPF Dues
Regular $ 220.00

Emeritus $ 0.00
Retired $ 110.00

Non-Resident (i) $ 110.00

Non-Resident (ii) $ 220.00

Transferring $ 220.00

Forester in Training $ 110.00

Forestry Candidate $ 110.00

Student $ 11.00

Inactive $ 110.00

Adjunct $ 110.00

NOTE: New members who join in the last half of the year, may have the RPF portion of their Dues reduced.

NOTE: in 2014 the dues schedule was revised, and the CFE charge was eliminated. All other rates will be based as a percentage of the "Regular Active "rate.

For the difference between Non-Resident (i) and (ii) see description in Bylaws.


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